ISOCELL HPX Is the Brand New, 200-Megapixel Sensor from Samsung

Furqan Shahid
ISOCELL HPX is the Brand New, 200-Megapixel Sensor from Samsung

Samsung System LSI has just gone ahead and introduced another 200-megapixel ISOCELL camera, and this time, we are getting the ISOCELL HPX.

For those wondering, the new ISOCELL HPX brings a number of changes to the table, it also offers 8K recording at 30 FPS, Tetra 2 Pixel binning technology, enabling 12.5-megapixel and 50-megapixel resolutions for different lighting conditions.

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The ISOCELL HPX Is a Brand New 200-Megapixel Sensor by Samsung, But It Is Not for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Now, before you get excited, the ISOCELL HPX is not the camera that you are going to see in the Galaxy S23 Ultra as the HPX is announced exclusively in China, and the sensor appears to have been created for System LSI customers in the Far Eastern country. This also means that we may never see it on the global market, but we are still going to talk about specifications to give you a better idea.

Now that we know that the ISOCELL HPX is reserved for the phones developed in China but don't worry, as you are not going to be missing out on much, to begin with. The thing with the sensor is that Samsung is actually focusing on the pixel count and creating a small sensor at the cost of low-light performance. the ISOCELL HPX comes with small 0.56 micron pixels, and one of the main selling points here is that the sensors can have a reduced area by 50%.

The sensor can also take advantage of the massive 200-megapixel resolution in well-lit areas. However, it can also use pixel binning technology to convert 1.12-micron pixels for 50-megapixel shooting modes in poorer lighting conditions. Additionally, it can even combine more pixels into one 2.24-micron pixel for a 12.5-megapixel mode in a low-light environment.

Other features of the ISOCELL HPX include 8K video recording at 30 frames per second, 4K and FHD recording, dual HDR, Smart ISO, and Super QPD autofocus.

All of this is definitely exciting but at its core, it's just another smartphone sensor and certainly not the 1-inch sensor that we are all hearing about. The performance simply might not be there when compared directly to other sensors but we will have to wait and see the results for ourselves.

The ISOCELL HPX is focused on Samsung consumers in China, and this means that we might not see it in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. There is a high chance that the S23 Ultra ends up using the ISOCELL HP2 sensor, which is already available in the market.

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