Is OnePlus Working On Another High-End Smartphone? Latest Leak Suggest So


After the release of its OnePlus 2 and the highly attractive OnePlus X, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is not yet done releasing its slew of smartphone as the latest leak suggests that the company is working on yet another device for the future.

OnePlus X

Hardware Specifications Show That A 4.6 Inch OnePlus Smartphone Might Be Released Sooner Rather Than Later Running A Snapdragon 810

According to the latest hardware leak, the mysterious OnePlus smartphone is going to feature a screen size of 4.6 inches and its resolution is going to be limited to 1080p. Unlike several manufacturers out there, the Chinese firm is taking the smarter route by limiting the resolution in order to conserve more battery life, which is good to see. However, the chipset choice is not something that we are thrilled to see because the hardware leak suggests that the device is going to be running a Snapdragon 810.

Time and time again, we have stated that MediaTek’s Helio X20 is a far better choice than Snapdragon 810 since it features more efficient cores compared to the latter (Cortex-A72 in comparison to Cortex-A57) and is able to deliver more performance compared to Qualcomm’s 20nm SoC. However, it looks like some companies will just never understand this. According to the specifications table, the Snapdragon 810’s Cortex-A57 quad-core processor will be running at a speed of 1.8GHz and not 2.0GHz in order to keep the processor under its thermal limit.

OnePlus 2

There have been several instances when we saw Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 overtake Snapdragon 810 overtake in real-world performance tests since the octa-core processor would overheat beyond limits and would have to undergo a thermal throttling cycle in order to prevent the smartphone’s OS from crashing. The interesting thing to note here is that complimenting the processor is 4GB of RAM, along with 64GB of internal storage. There is still no sign of a MicroSD card slot, which is quite disappointing seeing as how the company’s OnePlus X finally came with such a crucial feature.

The rear camera might be small on megapixels, but it is still able to record 4K footage, which is a feature that was present in OnePlus One as well. Sadly, the handset is running Android Lollipop 5.1.1, and not Android Marshmallow 6.0, and should have been running it since it has been quite a while since the update was rolled out. Let us hope that the company’s pricing policy has not been affected and it keeps on providing consumers with price/performance products.

Is OnePlus Working On Another High-End Smartphone? Latest Leak Suggest So

We will update you accordingly as soon as we hear anything about its retail price. What do you think about the smartphone’s specifications and screen size? Do you guys think that it will be a great contender in the for future small screen smartphones? Let us know your thoughts.