With the Home Button Gone, How Do You Take a Screenshot on iPhone X? Here’s How


If you're wondering how would you take a screenshot on the new Home button-less iPhone X, then here's how.

Press the Side Button + Volume Up Key Configurations to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X - Get Used to it Going Forward

In order to make room for an iPhone that was all-screen, some drastic decisions were taken by Apple. The exclusion of the Home button made the iPhone X possible, with Touch ID being replaced by Face ID for authentication purposes. But with the Home button now gone, one might ask the question: how do I take a screenshot on the iPhone X? A fair question, really. On any other iOS device apart from the iPhone X, you can simply press the Power and Home buttons together to grab a screenshot. On the iPhone X, you need to press the Side button + Volume up keys together in order to take a screenshot of the display.

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The buttons for taking a screenshot are outlined below.

Since the Home button on the iPhone X is now gone, other changes have been introduced as well when it comes to interacting with the user interface. For example, if you need to go back to the home screen, then you simply swipe up from the bottom of the display. Looking to enter the multitasking menu? Just swipe up till the center of the display. How about bringing up (rather, down) the Control Center? Swipe down from the right hand side of the notch. I'm sure this will take some time getting used to, but once the ritual is complete, we will all be ready for smartphones from Apple that bear no marks of the physical Home button.

There are a ton of changes that are packed inside the iPhone X and it all starts with that marvelous OLED display. In fact, Apple claims that this is the first ever OLED panel that's worthy of the iPhone. But of course, real world usage tests will reveal how well the screen fares when compared to the likes of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 as well as the newly announced LG V30.