iPhone X to Have Extreme Supply Constraints as Production Will Be Limited to Just 10k Units Per Day

Omar Sohail
iPhone X to Have Extreme Supply Constraints as Production Will Be Limited to 10k Units Per Day

With a massive design overhaul and a chunk of new features and technology never before seen in any model to date, the iPhone X is said to have extremely limited supply at launch, meaning the waiting period for consumers to get their hands on one could be stretched for months. For a company as big as Apple, it sure is facing a challenge that is being extremely difficult to overcome.

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Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities issued a note to investors (via AppleInsider) detailing the severe lack of iPhone X units. He goes onto say that the iPhone X will continue to remain in short supply, albeit for a limited time, though he did not exactly give us the courtesy we deserved by informing us how long the average joe will have to wait till this specific model would reach their doorstep.

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General production issues, newer technology and specific problems associated with the ‘gold’ version of the iPhone X will contribute to this challenge, resulting in extremely low supply on launch day. It should be assumed that from this point onwards, it will be very difficult for you to place an order for the newest generation of Apple’s iPhone lineup and expect it to be shipped out in time.

The previous two models, which have been named as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will still be available in regular supply, primarily because they are not going to suffer from a myriad number of issues like its radically changed cousin.

Another issue could be towards Apple’s meticulous approach regarding the quality of components. With Samsung being the sole supplier of OLED screens since it can only match the quality and quantity that the Cupertino tech giant requires, some units of this display might be discarded as they might not match Apple’s standards.

What problems do you think could be related to the iPhone X being in scarce supply on launch day? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: AppleInsider

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