iPhone X Successors to Feature More RAM and Battery Capacities Thanks to New Logic Board Design

Omar Sohail
iPhone X Successors to Feature More RAM and Battery Capacities Thanks to New Logic Board Design

The iPhone X has been rumored to be sold alongside its successor as well as the larger variant, which is being referred to as the iPhone X Plus. According to a renowned analyst, both of these devices are going to be touting impressive specifications as well as larger battery capacities, which we’re hoping to see. On top of that, these phones will also be rocking more efficient chipsets so you can expect a lot of benefits in the battery department.

Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts the iPhone X Successor and iPhone X Plus Will Feature 4GB RAM and Larger Batteries Thanks to the Two-Cell Design Approach

The second-generation iPhone X is expected to share the same 5.8-inch OLED display like the 2017 model while the larger iPhone X Plus will sport a humongous 6.5-inch panel. Both phones are going to be behemoths in the hardware specifications category because the analyst states that both smartphones are going to be touting 4GB of RAM.

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This will give users immense multitasking options at their fingertips and if you’ve experienced iOS before, you will already have an impression of how optimized it is.

The second important feature of these mobile phones will be the battery capacity. The iPhone X Plus will undoubtedly have a massive screen real estate and thanks to the two-cell battery design, which is also known as an L-shaped design, the iPhone X Plus has been rumored to get a battery in the range of 3,300-3,400mAh. This will be the first time that an iPhone has crossed the 3,000mAh battery range.

As for the iPhone X successor, it will feature a 10 percent increase in battery capacity as opposed to its predecessor. Unfortunately, these upgrades will obviously warrant a price increase and if the current-gen flagship is anything to go by, you guys could be looking at expensive iPhone models once more.

Are you looking forward to experiencing what it is like to have 4GB of RAM in an iPhone? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: MCR

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