Your Next iPhone Might Not Feature a Qualcomm LTE Modem

The latest news coming from the rumor hut reveals that Apple’s upcoming iPhone might not be incorporated with Qualcomm’s LTE modems. According to the latest research report coming in from Northland Capital Markets, Gus Richard has stated that the firm believes that Intel might have won part of the modem business in Apple's next generation iPhones due that are scheduled to be launched during the month of September. As if Qualcomm was not plagued with enough troubles already.

Intel Rumored To Have Secured A $1 billion USD Deal With Apple, Kicking Qualcomm Out Of The Equation - New LTE Modem In iPhone Inbound?

The latest report from EETimes states the following:

“We now believe that Intel will capture roughly 50% of Apple’s modem business in the upcoming iPhones due to launch September 9th. This is a marquee win for Intel and would go a long way to reducing [its] mobile business losses.”

Intel might not be well known in the mobile market, but if the rumor holds true, then the largest desktop, laptop and server processor maker will finally be able to take a breather on account of penetrating this particular market. However, before we get excited, there are some who are not even remotely convinced that the deal with be taking place.

Kevin Krewell, the principal analyst stationed at Tirias Research, stated that:

“Qualcomm has the best modem technology in the market and the iPhone 6s is a premium phone. I can't see Apple settling for second best technology.” The only role I can see for Intel's modem would be a second tier phone like an iPhone 5c replacement, which could be reasonable volume, but at a much lower average selling price.”

The iPhone 5c replacement would undoubtedly be iPhone 6c, which is said to feature the same FinFET chips as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so it does not seem fitting that Apple will change the hardware concerning the cellular modem for its lesser performing iPhone. Just in case you were wondering which Intel LTE modem was going to be present inside the upcoming iPhones, it has been named XMM 7360.

Previously, it was reported that Apple’s upcoming iPhone duo would be sporting a Qualcomm’s 20 nm Cat 6 modem, but all that could change in the blink of an eye, which will eventually spell disaster for the largest mobile chipset maker in the world.

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