iPhone Gets Voice Powered Assistant! Take That Google

The fight has intensified and both the competitors are locked on to each other with targets. First it was Google with Nexus One's Voice recognition for search and some apps but now Apple has found a foe in the battle in the form of Siri. A software development company which has now given life to the ailing iPhone.

Siri is an Artificial Intelligence software making company, which also makes applications for iPhone. The company recently demonstrated its latest creation for iPhone, which can understand what you want and saying rather than fill out text search boxes (at times with hashes, ####). This is a highly interactive app which is now available for free for iPhone only but the site has Blackberry on the display, which only shows that we can expect a similar app for Blackberry as well.


Wired was given a live demo of the app and they were so impressed that it showed from the news article they posted on their website.

We think that this is just a start and similar apps will start emerging in the market within this year. Technology sure is changing our everyday behavior and ways we live. Maybe all those Sci-Fi movies Hollywood made were not a waste after all.

Image Source: Wired.com

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