iPhone Owners Are The Only Ones Who Do Not Like Foldable Phones, Study Shows


Foldable smartphones have come a long way, to be honest. The original Galaxy Fold was an ambitious device but had a lot of flaws. Since that, Samsung has worked tirelessly to improve foldable devices, and well, the South Korean tech giant absolutely rules when you are talking about foldable devices. However, a new report suggests that iPhone owners do not really like foldable smartphones to begin with.

It has less to do with Samsung and more to do with the idea of a foldable smartphone. Apple is one of the few manufacturers that have not tried their hand on foldable smartphones, and it makes sense since the technology has not reached the level of maturity you would expect from Apple, and we all know how Apple is not known to be the company that takes risks, the iPhones are the only smartphones they make and are cash cows. So, taking risks would be a dangerous thing for the company, as well.

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iPhone Users are Not Really a Fan of Foldable Smartphones, But That Could Change

The statistics show that half of all Americans are interested in buying a foldable smartphone in the coming future. The other half, well, you are looking at iPhone users, which does not really surprise anyone. Apple has not released a single foldable device so far, and when the company finally does so, we can see a shift in the opinion.

We are still waiting for Apple to come out with something akin to the Galaxy Z Fold or the Galaxy Z Flip, but there are rumors that hint that we will get a foldable iPhone sometime in 2023, so there is plenty of time left before that happens.

Meanwhile, Samsung constantly improves its foldable tech and is coming out with foldable phones that have become a lot more durable than they used to be.