iPhone Owner Turns Handset Into a Clamshell Foldable Using Hinges From a 2020 Motorola Razr

Omar Sohail
iPhone Owner Turns Handset Into a Clamshell Foldable Using Hinges From a 2020 Motorola Razr

Apple is still years away from releasing its first foldable iPhone, but that has not stopped other creative individuals from attempting to create one for themselves. One owner in China repurposed some hinges belonging to a 2020 Motorola Razr and transformed his ‘candy-bar-shaped’ iPhone into a Galaxy Z Flip 4 lookalike.

The End Result of Makeshift Folding iPhone Is Less Than Stellar, With a Massive Gap Showing When the Device Is Completely Folded

An unnamed individual did not show the process of how he modded his iPhone into a foldable, but OnlyTechAE shows that the contraption works, even though there are a ton of kinks that need immense levels of ironing. The tweet does not reveal who made this possible, so we only have limited information to go on. The handset in the 22-second video appears to be an iPhone 12 or newer since it features flat edges and a wider notch.

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This heavily modded folding iPhone charges properly when plugged in, but one thing you will notice is that when it is properly folded, there is a massive gap showing in the middle, which could be due to a lack of expertise of the person, or limitations of the hinges belonging to the 2020 Motorola Razr. A part of the display also appears to be hanging out slightly when the iPhone is folded, suggesting that while the effort is commendable, this process may end up reducing the iPhone’s display lifespan.

These intricate details that require copious levels of engineering, not to mention millions spent in R&D over many years, are likely why Apple has been hesitant to launch something like this. Sure, one man in China did it, so why cannot Apple? The company would never resort to releasing something like this, given its current state in the video clip. According to a previous report, the company is said to launch a folding iPad before an iPhone with hinges, and assuming it does materialize, it will be a niche product, targeting a specific customer base with its suggested $2,500 price tag.

This price tag was predicted so that sales of the regular iPhones are not compromised, but even then, assuming Apple does not view a healthy profit stream from this class of smartphones, it might take a few years before this form factor graces the masses. Regardless, let us know what you thought about the man’s efforts in the comments, and if you manage to find out the entire process of how this iPhone was made and by whom, do reach out to us.

News Source: OnlyTechAE

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