iPhone OS 4.0 Now with Multitasking… Old Clothes, New Brand Name

For now I am not going to talk much about the much (below par) hyped OS 4.0 coming in June 2010 and this preview event proved that Apple has finally submitted to the voice of consumers. I am not sure why Steve Jobs does what he does but this time for me he looked like a defeated person.

Multitasking in mobile OS is not new and if this is what Apple OS 4.0 is being hyped about then I can take it of my list of OS to try out. I know people will talk about it for weeks to come and there will be a huge fan following saying, "Now see, Apple can do what other OS can do but only better." No Sir! Apple has not done it better but just tried to make it look like it is better (perception is everything). It is the same old iPhone OS with some new layers of clothing on top. It is not a new feature, it was already there and if Steve Jobs thinks that by saying "We wanted to make use of it by allowing third party multitasking capability but also learned how it would not effect the battery and performance of the phone", he can get away with it, then all I can say is that he still thinks he is the best there is when it comes to building operating systems. Even the other features being offered as "major features" are something already available in other OS (yes I will do a comparison).

I will do a more elaborate piece on "The Fall of Apple, Newton was Wrong" in coming days just to give another insight on how desperate Steve Jobs has become to at least keep Apple's brand afloat in the sea full of better, stronger and faster operating systems.

For now, I am disappointed! On the other hand, it is a never ending war and there will never be an end to it.

PS. My sympathies are with those user who are using iPhones and iPod touch prior to the 3GS era for losing out on the opportunity to upgrade to new OS.

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