iPhone With 6.1-Inch LCD Predicted to Sell at $849, According to Analyst – Previous Assumption Was $699

Omar Sohail
iPhone 9 LCD 6.1 inch $849 starting price

Once more, before the Apple keynote is scheduled to take place on September 12, analysts have provided their pricing predictions on the upcoming iPhone. Specifically, it is the iPhone 9, which is the LCD-based variant sporting a screen size of 6.1 inches. It appears that the analyst has gone a bit overboard with the pricing because according to him, the iPhone 9 is said to cost $849.

By That Count, the iPhone XS Is Expected to Cost $949 for the Base Version

According to the prediction of Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall, the price of the iPhone 9 is pegged at $849 rather than the $699 that it was earlier rumoured to fetch. An earlier estimate pitted the LCD version of the upcoming iPhone to cost $699, while the iPhone XS, which is said to be the direct successor to the iPhone X that was launched in 2017 is said to cost $799 for the base model. If we take these estimates and compare them to the latest one, then the iPhone XS would cost the customer $949, while the iPhone XS Max is said to cost $1,149.

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Now the price of the iPhone XS Max is a little bit too ridiculous for our liking, but we will be sticking to our gut and continue to believe that the iPhone 9 will carry a price of $699, followed by the iPhone XS for $799 and the iPhone XS Max for $999.

“Goldman estimates Apple will price the iPhone 9 at $849, rather than the $699 some have speculated. The firm sees “some flexibility down to $800” for the iPhone 9 offering but doubts Apple will “go for lower price points” after iPhone X demand was more than expected the last few months.”

Earlier rumours also suggested that the iPhone 9 would be fueled by the previous-generation Apple A10 Fusion chipset. However, a separate rumour stated that the 6.1-inch handset would indeed feature the latest A12 chipset manufactured on TSMC’s 7nm FinFET. However, unlike its OLED counterparts which are going to feature 4GB of RAM, the iPhone 9 is said to get 3GB of RAM, but it has been reported to be offered in a dual-SIM variant for different markets.

What are your price predictions for the upcoming iPhones? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: CNBC

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