iPhone 8 Will Be Launched on Schedule, According to Analyst Despite Rumors Prattling Otherwise

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iPhone 8

Owing to the different number of changes expected from Apple’s iPhone 8, rumors have been disseminating that the phone’s launch date is going to be delayed. However, a different financial institution claims that the iPhone 8 is going to arrive on schedule, with all the necessary components being procured on time.

OLED and Other Components Being Delivered on Time Will Allow the iPhone 8’s Production to Start on Schedule – No Delay Expected

Earlier today, it was rumored that one of Apple’s component partners TPK Holdings has decided to increase the price per 3D Touch tech and seeing as how things go when it wants to launch its iPhone 8, the company will have no choice but to comply for now. It is surprising that the company did not have another supplier that would deliver this specific component, but it looks like the company is going to be making amends when it gears up to release its 2018 iPhone family.

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According to Morgan Stanley (via Seeking Alpha), Apple’s supply chain expect the production of the new iPhone to start on schedule because the key components are going to be delivered on time.

“Morgan Stanley's Greater China Technology Research colleagues have not yet seen delays in the supply chain and still expect new iPhone production to start on time for most of the components (including OLED).”

This still does not change the fact that Apple is going to be charging a small fortune from consumers for getting to experience the latest and greatest iPhone on the market. For the price of $999, it is definitely a hefty amount, even exceeding the retail price of the unlocked versions of Galaxy S8+.

Still, it will be the first iPhone to feature a 10nm FinFET chip, coupled with support for wireless charging and an edge-to-edge OLED display, so there are a ton of things to look forward as far as the new device goes.

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