iPhone 8 Rumored to Get New 3D Touch Tech But It’s Going to More Expensive for Apple

Omar Sohail
iPhone 8 new 3D Touch

The iPhone 8 has been consistently reported to come with a much higher price tag than its predecessors on account of its design overhaul and brand new components featured inside. However, it looks like Apple might be looking for a way to skim higher margins from the customer because the latest report suggests that tech giant’s supplier has quoted a higher price for a 3D Touch solution that’s expected to find its way to the iPhone 8.

TPK Holdings, the Touch Panel Manufacturer Has Quoted a Price in the Range $18-22 for 3D Touch Tech for Apple’s iPhone 8 – Handset Might End up Becoming More Expensive Than Previously Anticipated

We are under the assumption that because the iPhone 8 is going to be using OLED technology, a new 3D Touch solution will end up being more expensive for Apple. According to the latest report from Chinese media Economic Daily News (via DigiTimes), TPK Holdings has quoted a higher price tag for the new tech and Apple has accepted the quote, with the details given below.

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“Touch panel maker TPK Holdings has quoted US$18-22 for 3D Touch solution for use in a new iPhone equipped with OLED panel to be launched later in 2017 and Apple has accepted the quote, according to Chinese-language newspaper Economic Daily News (EDN).

For 3D Touch solution used in existing iPhone series, TPK and fellow maker General Interface Solution (GIS) quote US$7-9 per smartphone. The solution directly bonds 3D Touch sensors on LTPS TFT-LCD display panels of the iPhone, but 3D Touch solution for OLED panels entails bonding of a glass cover on the front and back side of an OLED panel each to reinforce the fragile OLED panel.”

Though companies like TPK and other partners like General Interface Solution are expected to have a great revenue run through teaming up with Apple, the California-based giant might end up covering up these costs from the customer with its $999 price tag.

However, this was the price tag that was quoted earlier and with this latest development, it looks like the iPhone 8 could end up costing the end-user even more.

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