iPhone 8 Launch Sees “Muted” Reaction – Only 30 People Lined Up for It!

Rafia Shaikh
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Dwarfed by iPhone X Expectations?

Australians may have started to line up for the new iPhones before the keynote, but after the announcement that put a massive focus on iPhone X, the country isn't feeling too fuzzy about the already-neglected iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

As the stores started opening up this morning in Sydney, the usual iPhone launch day excitement was clearly overshadowed by the upcoming iPhone X. Going to the future, Reuters reports seeing a visible difference in user excitement associated with these events. Locals normally line up for the new Apple product releases in hundreds. However, this year Apple Store in Sydney only saw 30 iPhone 8 lovers in the queue.

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"Bleak turnout" for iPhone 8 in Australia

"Hundreds of people usually gather at Apple’s Sydney city store with queues winding down the town’s main street, George Street, when there is a new product release," Reuters reported. "But there were fewer than 30 people lining up before the store opened on Friday."

Several analysts have so far talked about the effect that Apple's iPhone X will have on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Even a week after the preorders went live, Apple was promising shipping on the originally announced date (i.e. today, Sep 22), unlike previous years when users experienced significant slips in the shipping dates. If you head over to Apple's online store now, you can probably get yourself the brand new iPhone 8 within a week, which is another reason not so many people will be queuing up overnight for the new phones.

"[iPhone 8] is pretty similar to the iPhone 7 but it shoots 4k 60 frames per second and it’s got a new glass back instead of the metal which is apparently more durable," Mazen Kourouche, who was excited for the launch before the keynote when we first talked to him as he had already lined up for the new iPhone, said. "There aren’t too many new features to this one."

But this tepid response will be compensated by the highly anticipated iPhone X that brings a new design to fans. iPhone X, however, will be one hard to get device as it is (reportedly) yet to go in production.

If you are going to buy the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or the Watch Series 3 today, don't forget to share in the comments if you are also feeling this difference in the buzz associated with Apple launches.


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