5.8-Inch iPhone 8 to Get Glass Panel – Aluminum Body Retained on Smaller Version


Apple has always given special preference to the larger iPhone and the latest rumor doesn’t say anything different about the largest iPhone 8 model. More information coming through states that the largest iPhone out of the bunch is going to sport a screen size of a massive 5.8 inches and will also feature a glass panel to complement its exterior. Unfortunately for the smaller iPhone, it will not get the same amount of love.

Design for 5.5-Inch Model Yet to Be Confirmed – Glass Panel iPhone 8 Rumored to Cost Above $1,000

The latest report states that there are going to be a total of three iPhones categorized under the iPhone 8 family:

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  • 4.7-inch iPhone which will feature an aluminum body
  • 5.5-inch iPhone who’s exterior is yet to be confirmed
  • 5.8-inch iPhone which will feature a glass panel

DigiTimes states the following concerning which firm is going to be supplying the material:

“The reinforced glass chassis' stainless steel metal frame will be supplied by Foxconn Technology and US-based Jabil Circuit, while the aluminum-alloy chassis will be supplied by Catcher Technology.”

The report also states that Catcher Technology has declined to comment but did point out that its revenues for 2017 will see a major on-year growth, so we’re speculating that this could be thanks to a large number of orders placed by the California-based giant. According to previous rumors, all three iPhone models are expected to provide support for wireless charging, but here’s the juicy bit about the 4.7-inch iPhone 8.

According to a previous report, the smallest iPhone out of the entire family is going to feature an improved engineering approach that will allow it to sport the same battery capacity as the current-generation phablet version of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 7 Plus and comes packing with a 2,900mAh battery. That’s definitely something to look forward to and we cannot wait to see how the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 looks in person. Which iPhone are you looking forward to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.