iPhone 7 To Feature Intel’s LTE Modem Chip, 1,000 Employees Working On It


According to a newly published report, the iPhone 7 is set to feature an Intel 7360 LTE modem chip, and the microchip maker already has 1,000 employees working on the new hardware for the upcoming Cupertino flagship handset.

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Intel's LTE Chip Will Give The iPhone 7 A Serious Boost In Wireless Speeds

At this point in time, many details regarding the iPhone 7 are scarce, and all we know so far is that the device will be as thin as the iPod touch and will feature a tough chassis that will be able to withstand the elements with utter ease. Apart from that, the device might feature a new A10 chip that will be manufactured on a new 10nm process. Today's report however, suggests that Intel is working on the LTE modem of the iPhone 7 that will be faster than the one found in the iPhone 6s and every iPhone before it (obviously) and will be able to churn out speeds of up to 450Mb/s in the downlink area.

According to VentureBeat on the matter:

One source said Intel needs a small army of people on the Apple account because of the importance of the project to Apple's future in the mobile market, because of the complexity of the project, and because Apple is a demanding client with an extremely popular phone.

It's also being reported that the new modem chip from Intel will have a whopping 29 LTE bands, making the iPhone 7 a truly world phone, capable of being used with a wide variety of 4G LTE networks around the globe.

It's also worth mentioning here that Apple has been using Qualcomm's LTE chip for years in its iPhone lineup, and it would be the first time the company will switch to Intel for its wireless modem. And there is a possibility that Apple will source LTE chips from both Qualcomm and Intel for its next-generation iPhone, just like how it has done for its CPU in the iPhone 6s, with Samsung and TSMC being the current manufacturers of the heart of the smartphone.

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The report also suggests that there is quite a possibility that if Intel does score a contract with Apple in terms of its LTE chip, then there's a high chance the Cupertino giant might also throw in orders for its system-on-a-chip for the next-generation iPhone from the microprocessor giant. The report goes on further to suggest that Intel has caught attention of Apple with its currently-in-development 10nm processor.

We're certain that Apple might not leap onto the Intel bandwagon for its SoC just yet, but there's a high chance that it would do so when it comes to its LTE chip. We will, of course, update our readers in the future when more news regarding this matter pops up on the Web.

Till then, be sure to let us know what you think about this development.