Component Orders for iPhone 7 Increased by Apple for Q4, 2016


According to industry sources, tech giant Apple has increased part and component orders for its iPhone 7 series of devices, but it is going to be for the fourth quarter of this year. This decision will lead to suppliers increasing their revenues heavily for the aforementioned quarter.

Apple Reported to Increase Component Orders by 20-30 Percent to Excel iPhone 7 Growth

One could say that Apple has decided to increase component orders for its iPhone 7 devices in order to end on a high note when the year is officially over. Samsung attempted to rush the announcement of its Galaxy Note 7, and while the South Korean firm was successful in pulling this off, it resulted in severe repercussions. In light of these events, Apple is taking full advantage of the situation by bumping up component orders, which will only work in the favor of suppliers, who will undoubtedly report higher revenues for Q4, 2016.

According to sources from Taiwan-based touch panel makers General Interface Solution (GIS), which happens to be a subsidiary of Foxconn, touch panel orders have been increased, along with other components. According to the latest statistics, iPhone 7 is expected to reach between 80-84 million units in shipments for the second half of 2016, and though it is lower than compared to the 85-90 million shipped tally of the iPhone 6s, the figure suggests that there is still strong demand for the iPhone 7.

DxOMark also managed to get their hands on the 4.7-inch handset, and despite featuring a smaller camera sensor, it still manages to obtain a high score of 86. The raw performance and the improved camera sensor are one of the key areas where Apple has significantly improved, and with its rival temporarily out of the competition, the Cupertino iPhone maker is going to take full advantage of the situation at hand.