iPhone 7 Camera Lens Confirmed by Apple to Be Made of Sapphire But There’s More


When you’re a company as large as Apple, you will definitely become the subject of controversy and after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were announced without a 3.5mm headphone jack, the next set of eyebrows were raised towards the camera lens. There was a YouTube video (given at the bottom) that raised suspicions regarding Apple’s claims towards Sapphire lens being incorporated on the iPhone 7 camera, but the company has assured us that the newly announced smartphone duo comes shipped with Sapphire glass. Still, there is more information on the matter that you would be interested in gaining insight towards.

iPhone 7 Does Feature a Sapphire Lens Protecting the Camera, But There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Apple has confirmed that both its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are using Sapphire glass according to the statement given below.

“Apple confirms the iPhone 7 camera lens is sapphire, and under proper testing conditions achieves the hardness and purity results expected from sapphire.”

However, the video posted below shows that the lens is scratching, when Sapphire can honestly not be scratched this easily. However, iMore reports that the lower hardness tools are not actually scratching the lens, but fracturing it. Here is what the term means according to sources close to this matter.

“Fracturing — as opposed to scratching — is what happens when you have something so incredibly thin — unlike the much thicker watch used for comparison — and you apply pressure with no level of control.”

So why is it being fractured in the first place? The video shows that the company might have used a small layer of silicon, which is incredibly small in proportion to the rest of the lens. Later on, it was deduced that the rest of the material used to make the lens is, in fact, Sapphire. However, it is difficult to tell if the company used a lower quality of Sapphire. According to the source, Apple seems to have been using the same type of sapphire on its lenses since Sapphire lenses were introduced with iPhone 5.

While it is possible, there is very information to confirm this, and even though you have the video right in front you, the person behind the camera is going to have to run a variety of tests in controlled environments in order to confirm. Still, Apple is attempting to convince us that the material used in making the lens is indeed Sapphire.