How Well Does the iPhone 7 Battery Life Fare? The Worst, According to These Results


Despite the multitude of hardware improvements in Apple’s iPhone 7, the tech giant still wasn’t able to fix one of the biggest gripes of owning a smartphone; the battery life. According to an independent testing group Which?, the 4.7-inch handset does not fare well at all in the battery department.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Secures Last Place by Providing the Least Amount of Battery Life Compared to the Rest of the Android Pack

The three Android flagships that were put to the test alongside iPhone 7 were as follows:

  • HTC 10
  • LG G5
  • Galaxy S7

When using mobile data, HTC 10 was leading from the front, as it was able to give out a total of 790 minutes of continuous use. Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 came last by only able to record 615 minutes of continuous battery. However, before we start bashing the smartphone, you should know that the results weren’t that dramatic, to be honest. This is because the LG G5 managed 640 minutes and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 was able to give out 677 minutes. However, there were times when you actually wondered if you were supposed to either invest in a separate high-capacity power bank, or a battery case later down the road if you purchased an iPhone 7 that is.

The differences in call time would probably make you ponder that purchase. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 achieved 1492 minutes of talk time, while Apple’s iPhone 7 performed egregiously, managing just 712 minutes. To be fair, in comparison, iPhone 7 features a far smaller battery capacity compared to the rest of the pack, but at the same time, the smartphone also gives off a lower resolution than its competitors, whereas the rest of the Android family is equipped with QHD resolutions, which are battery guzzlers.

It should also be stated that the software version of the iPhone 7 that was put to the test was not specified, and under majority of circumstances, that makes a lot of difference. Regardless, tell us your thoughts on what you think of these results in the comments below.