Apple iPhone 6c Sees Its First Case Leak Today

We've been hearing quite a lot about upcoming Apple products over the past couple of days. With barely two weeks left until the Cupertino tech giant holds its big media event, nearly everything about the upcoming iPhone 6s duo has managed to find its way to us. Alongside the flagship smartphone duo, we've also managed to see quite a bit about another iPhone - the 4-inch iPhone 6c.

Alleged iPhone 6c Protective Case Surfaces In Image Showing Details

After witnessing several details surface which shed some light on the iPhone 6c's specifications and features, today we have come across another leak which claims to show a protective case of Apple's lower cost, smaller screened iPhone. After increasing the screen size on the iPhone 6 duo last year, Apple faced some criticism from several long time customers who would rather choose to stick to smaller screened, better performing iPhones.

But owing to a strong market demand, the change was made, and since then we've been seeing the smaller iPhone 6c pop up quite a lot in different occasions. It'll be coming with Apple's A8 SoC and will be following the same design language introduced in the 6th-generation iPhones, couple with NFC support, Touch ID and in all likelihood Apple Pay as well. And if you take a look at the case image above, it does appear to be smaller in size as well, and since case manufacturers generally get device dimensions earlier due to manufacturing purposes, if the image above is accurate then perhaps a smaller screen iPhone just might become a reality this year.

Although earlier word surfaced that perhaps the iPhone 6c would be launching alongside the iPhone 6s this year, but now more sources have started to claim that the smaller iPhone upgrade will be coming sometime around November, potentially with Apple iPad upgrades alongside it. As far as the iPad goes, we've been seeing quite a lot surface about the iPad mini 4, but the fate of Apple's larger screened iPad Pro still isn't known as of now.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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