[Breaking] Take A Look At What Might Be The First Photo Of The iPhone 6 – Fresh Off Foxconn

Gather around everyone, gather around. This just in. KitGuru.net has just obtained what it claims to be the first actual photo of the iPhone 6. Yes, you heard us right. A photo of the actual product, and not any of the renders you've gotten used to seeing around the internet. Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 6 this September. The flagship smartphone is expected to come with several impressive features. These include a larger 4.7 inch screen, as well as the upcoming iOS 8. In addition to these, the iPhone 6 is to come will Apple's A8 processor. This has been reported to be able to hit frequencies of up to 2 GHz. In addition, with a much stronger Sapphire glass screen, the smartphone is expected to be much thinner than the current iPhone 5S and have better battery capacity as well. But thats all speculation and rumors. Behold. Below you can now take a look at the iPhone 6 for the first time.

First Look At What Might Be The iPhone 6? Let Us Hope So

This leak comes straight from KitGuru.net. Now before you take this with a grain of salt, it would be prudent to keep one thing in mind. KitGuru is the same site that also brought to us the first leaked picture oft he iPhone 5 way back in 2012. And from the looks of the photo above, they just might have done so again. The design of the product seems to be quite similar to what we've been expecting overall, including rounded off corners and a thinner overall design. However, nothing can be said for sure, owing to poor image quality and the device not turned on. So thats that folks. We just might have caught a glance at the iPhone 6 for the first. Don't forget where you heard it first!


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