iPhone 6 Launch Location Confirmed – Apple To Launch Device At Legendary Flint Center

Ramish Zafar

This just in. Things are heating up finally in the iPhone 6 launch avenue. With Apple having officially sent invites for the launch events, it's time we answer the 'where' as well. The iPhone 6 just today received another boost. A report by Wired just added further credibility to the fact that we will indeed be seeing mobile payments on the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 will not only come with mobile payments, but it is said to be a hallmark feature on the flagship device. This makes sense since Apple is indeed all set to introduce mobile payments with the vast troves of credit card data it has courtesy of iTunes. Well enough of that, not only can the iPhone 6 be surely expected to come on September 9th, but it's going to be launch at a place which hasn't seen an Apple event in quite a while.

iPhone 6 To Most Likely See Launch At Flint Center - Apple Starts Decoration And Construction

The Flint center is not an ordinary location when it comes to Apple's launch history. In it's recently history, Apple usually launches it's devices at the Yerba Buena in San Francisco or it's headquarters at Cupertino. Flint Center is also located in Cupertino, and Apple has already started decorations and constructions for it's launch event.

Flint Center is the place where Steve Jobs showed the Macintosh to the world. It is also where the iMac was launched in 1998, an event which preceded Apple's coming back into the industry. Apple has started huge construction around Flint center and as with everything Apple, the process is highly secretive.

The structure appears to be three stories tall and is surrounded by barricades and security staff reports MacRumors. Administrators have declined to comment. We'll keep you updated as the situation develops.



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