iPhone 5 coming to Vodaphone in Black/White with 16/32GB memory

Syavash Pahore

The iPhone 5 was briefly mentioned on the Vodaphone website, more specifically, the page for its Sure signal product. Under the list of compatible phones, Vodafone accidentally mentioned the iPhone 5 Black and iPhone 5 in 16GB and 32GB variants.

Firstly, there is bad news for some people as this means the iPhone 5 probably will not be available with higher memory models atleast not on Vodafone. This will be a bit of a let down for people who were expecting the next Gen iPhone to have enhancements in the storage department aswell. Other than that this bit of news doesn't reveal much more about the upcoming iPhone 5.

Lastly as you know the iPhone 5 will be launching mid October and according to rumors pre-orders should begin by 30Th September. We can't say if the rumor is true but considering how Apple has been producing iPhone 5's at a massive scale through its suppliers in the East with a total order of 10million iPhone's for launch day, its only natural that the iPhone 5 should launch soon with pre orders beginning a few weeks before launch.

Below: The iPhone 5 mentioned under compatible phones tab on the Sure signal product page:

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