Apple Media event scheduled for October 5th?

Syavash Pahore

The Apple media event was previously expected to be in September but the month is nearing its end and still no official statement by Apple. However a new rumor states that the Apple Media event will be held on October 5th. This would mean that the iPhone 5 and other devices would be shown on th 5Th whereas the iPhone 5 launch is expected to be on 21st October according to other rumors. Wether the rumor is true or not, its quite certain the Media event will be sometime in October. The bigger question is what new devices does Apple have up its sleeve?

The media event is usually held annually to announce a new generation of iPods however there has been very little word about what's new to come in the iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic etc and even the iPod Touch 5G. Rumors are Apple will introduce a white iPod touch or a 3G enabled iPod touch.

While we can't say much about these statements, the spotlight has been taken by the iPhone this year. Currently the iPhone 5 is expected to launch at Apple's Media event but there is also word around that Apple will launched a lower priced iPhone 4S which will used cloud based storage and probably a smaller screen than the iPhone 5.

Its quite obvious there have been alot of rumors regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone 5, we can only wait and see what Apple is bringing us this fall. For now we can safely say the iPhone 5 will have Apple's new A5 chip and other enhancements such as an 8MP camera, and 16GB/32GB versions in black and white.

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