iPhone 4G/HD FINALLY revealled? pics inside!

There was a mysterious phone found dropped right outside of a bar in San Jose, some person found the phone and operated it based on what he found it's being considered that this MIGHT be the real McCoy.




Engadget got their hands on the phone and they were kind of enough to post pictures of the alleged successor in the iPhone line, The phone is ALOT thicker then then 2G or even the 3G which is perhaps the 1 sign that it might be a fake, but the phone comes with a 80GB HD, a new OS which is similar to that used by the iPhone even though it looks a little bulky the design is pretty cool none the less and does catch the eye of the average consumer, is this a prototype or a fake phone? at the time the phone is not turning on so many things can't be verified especially about the OS. But hopefully we will get an update if they do manage to turn the phone on

Let's wait and see.

Source EnGadget

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