iPhone 15 Early Design, Build Materials Info Reveals More Premium Chassis Than iPhone 14, Possibly iPhone 5c-Like Aesthetics

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iPhone 15 Early Design, Build Materials Info Reveals More Premium Chassis Than iPhone 14, Possibly iPhone 5c-Like Aesthetics

Apple may be exploring bringing in small design changes to the iPhone 15 series, along with giving it a more premium build than the iPhone 14, according to one tipster. These could be regarded as small but subtle improvements that the company is rumored to introduce to further refine the exterior of its most popular product category.

iPhone 15 May Also Shift to Titanium Instead of Aluminum, Though Apple Has Mulled the Idea Before

Since Apple has multiple prototypes of varying shapes and sizes, the information you are about to read is subject to change with time. On Twitter, ShrimpApplePro states that the new iPhone 15 will get a new design around the corner. As shown in the images, the back edge corner is rumored to be rounded, not square, though the person does not share why Apple has chosen this route.

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It may be that this small design change could be paramount to the mass production process, reducing costs somewhat while also allowing a titanium alloy to be used with ease. ShrimpApplePro gives a slight hint that this change is reminiscent of the iPhone 5c, Apple’s plastic-framed handset that launched in 2013 and would be considered a colossal failure compared to today’s standards.

Of course, the tipster states that he will continue looking into more information and does not mention if the titanium alloy chassis will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra or if it will become a standard in 2023. Considering that such build materials are expensive and that Apple intends to bring more exclusive features to the more premium iPhone models from next year, we believe the regular iPhones will continue sporting an aluminum and glass chassis.

At least the Dynamic Island is expected to arrive on all iPhone 15 models, so for the time being, Apple is rumored to bring the iPhone 14 Pro’s and iPhone 14 Pro Max’s cutouts to less expensive versions, so consumers do not feel left out. As stated above, the information is not final, and given that Apple likely tests a dozen prototypes before settling on one, we will recommend our readers treat everything they have read with a pinch of salt.

News Source: ShrimpApplePro

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