iPhone 14 Seems to Have ‘Copied’ a Few Features from Xiaomi

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The smartphone market in general can be considered as one big family where we are seeing companies copying features all the time. Apple is no stranger to getting features from Android OEMs and the other way around. Even the latest iPhone 14 series take a number of features from Android phones, and now it turns out that two of the highlight features on the iPhone 14 have actually been taken from Android.

Two of the new features that you can find on the iPhone 14 series have been taken from Xiaomi phones as they have been introduced in the Android offerings for some time now.

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iPhone 14 Series Features That Were First Introduced by Xiaomi, and There is Nothing Wrong with That

If you look at the spec sheet of the iPhone 14 series, you will realize that all the phones have dual ambient light sensors. There is one sensor on the front and one on the back, and this allows for a much more accurate brightness adjustment. However, Xiaomi was the first company to actually bring this feature to the market as the feature debuted with the Mi 10 series back in 2022.

Another feature that the iPhone 14 series is offering is dual-frequency GPS functionality that can be found in the pro models. As the name suggests, the tech uses two frequencies for a much better location accuracy on smartphones. This should also deliver better location positioning when using Google Maps or any other app that is using your location.

This is another feature that Xiaomi brought to the market for the first time as it debuted back in 2018 on the Xiaomi Mi 8 flagship, and ever since that, the feature has become available on a lot of phones from the likes of OnePlus, Samsung, and others.

Sure one might get the pitchforks ready and come after Apple for these features, but one must understand that in the grand scheme of things, these features are small and will not make a difference in that case. We all know for a fact that the iPhone 14 Pro series is more or less an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a smartphone that easily does everything you want to get done.

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