iPhone 14 Pro Clones With ‘Pill + Punch-Hole’ Display Start Appearing Prior to Apple’s Event

iPhone 14 Pro Clones With ‘Pill + Punch-Hole’ Display Start Appearing Prior to Apple’s Event

Apple is expected to announce its iPhone 14 series on September 7, but before the official unveiling, clones of the iPhone 14 Pro have started to appear, which was only a matter of time. In the latest findings, the design is identical to the commercial units that Apple intends to ship in the near future, so let us take a closer look.

iPhone 14 Pro Clones Also Ship in Boxes That Closely Resemble the Packaging That Apple Uses

These clones started appearing several weeks ago on Chinese social media platforms, according to MacRumors. By running a heavily modified skin on top of Android that resembles iOS, third-party sellers can provide a cost-efficient way for customers to enjoy and appreciate the design and software of the upcoming models, though it is without a shadow of a doubt that the build material and operating system will not be as premium as what Apple employs.

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In the video below, Amazing Unboxing shows that the iPhone 14 Pro clones feature the ‘pill + punch-hole’ design, which is the exact cosmetic change we should expect to see from the more premium models. Even the packaging closely resembles what Apple uses to ship to customers, right down to the minor details such as barcodes, accessories, and pull-tabs.

The iPhone 14 Pro clones are also provided by different companies, which implies that Chinese sources have access to Apple product schematics well in advance, allowing them to flood counterfeit devices to the market much quicker. Then again, just because it resembles Apple’s latest and greatest handset does not mean you will get the same hardware.

To keep costs low, we believe these models feature some low-end SoC from MediaTek, along with 3GB RAM and possibly 128GB of regular storage. When the person recording the video opens up the camera app, you can immediately tell from the viewfinder that the image quality will never be close to the actual iPhone 14 Pro, but at least you have a better idea of what to expect from the actual commercial units.

Be sure to check out the video below and tell us in the comments what you think.

News Source: Amazon Unboxing

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