iPhone 12 Holds Its Value Better Than Galaxy S21 Overtime; Samsung’s Latest Flagship Series Can Depreciate up to 57 Percent


Over time, the iPhone 12 maintains a higher value compared to the Galaxy S21 series, according to the latest data. In short, if you plan on selling any Apple device after a period of 12 months and want the most from it, it is recommended that you purchase an iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Series Launched Much Earlier Than Galaxy S21 and Still Manages to Hold Its Value

New data from SellCell shows that Apple’s iPhone 12 range has lost between 18.1-33.7 percent of its original value since its inception back in 2020. However, the Galaxy S21 family depreciated the most, losing between 44.8-57.1 percent since Samsung launch the flagship series in January of this year. Surprisingly, the Galaxy S21, which was unveiled at $799, suffered the most, with the 256GB storage variant depreciating by a whopping 57.1 percent while being put on sale for just three months.

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Heading over to the iPhone camp, the 64GB 6.1-inch iPhone 12 loses the most value, with its price depreciating 33.7 percent, the same as the iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB of internal memory. These results are hard to fathom since the iPhone 12 mini’s value declines at a lower percentage rate per month and it has been by far, the worst-selling iPhone 12 model to date. The least depreciating iPhone was the 128GB version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It only lost 18.1 percent of its total value.

The Galaxy S21 Plus with 128GB of internal memory held its most value out of all of Samsung’s latest flagships, but that is subjective since overall, this model depreciated by 44.8 percent, higher than the highest depreciated iPhone 12 model for the same period. Long story short, if you happen to own an iPhone, you are definitely one lucky smartphone owner because if you plan on upgrading to the iPhone 13, you can still command a higher asking price for the device that is currently in possession.

News Source: SellCell