iPhone 12 Could Introduce a Radically Changed Form Factor That Features a Smaller Notch, Wider Antenna Lines for 5G Support

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iPhone 12 Design Could Include Wider Antenna Lines & a Smaller Notch

Apple’s iPhone 11 range is selling reasonably well and while 2020 hasn’t started, rumors have already started coming in concerning the upcoming series. Apparently, opinion is divided over the iPhone 12 design and thus we will have to wait for the next fall to see what gets locked. For now, the tipster and graphic designer Bes Geskin has laid down his expectation for the iPhone 12 notch and other elements that we should expect in 2020.

Geskin says Apple is considering different Face ID prototypes for the upcoming iPhones. This comes after a report in which Geskin alleged that one of the iPhone that the Cupertino giant has prototyped has a 6.7-inch screen and slim bezels instead of the notch to accommodate the TrueDepth sensors. He now says that the company is also testing various Face ID prototypes that will allow it to make the iPhone 12 notch smaller.

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Apparently, some of the Face ID models have a smaller width, presumably to be squeezed within the tiny iPhone 12 notch and some are narrower so that they go inside the alleged small bezel. When talking about the iPhone 12 design, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also talked about a new factor, and it could mean that the notch might be on its way out and Apple will opt for a slimmer top bezel instead.

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Moving on, Geskin also discusses another possible iPhone 12 design element. He says that the antenna will be revised. More specifically, he claims that the prototypes have antenna lines with a width of more than 1mm. The antennas are apparently being changed so that they can support 5G. The wider antenna lines will apparently be made of ceramic, sapphire, or glass, and not plastic. Apart from that, Geskin also claims that Apple ultimately wants to abandon the Lightning port in favor of wireless solutions. Whether that will happen by next year remains to be seen.

While Geskin creates stunning concepts, his track record when it comes to leaks is not exactly spotless. Thus, it’s recommended that you take this report with a pinch of salt. In any case, September 2020 is several months, so Apple might rethink many decisions by that time when finalizing the iPhone 12 design.

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News Source: Twitter (Ben Geskin)

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