iPhone 11 Logic Board Allegedly Leaked; Shows a Slight Difference Compared to 2018 Lineup’s PCB

Omar Sohail
iPhone 11 logic board leak in latest image

A bevy of leaks, rumors and other interesting details surrounding the 2019 iPhone 11 range will continue to come through as Apple preps itself for its annual September keynote. A lot of the times, we’ve reported about the outside changes the upcoming smartphone family will tout when compared to the 2018 lineup, but the latest leak dives deeper. According to this purported iPhone 11 logic board image, Apple intends on incorporating a different design from the inside as well.

New Change in Alleged iPhone 11 Logic Board Leak Should Allow All Three Devices to Sport Slightly Larger Batteries, as Mentioned in Previous Reports

The iPhone 11 logic board image originated from Slashleaks, and shows a rectangular PCB, outlining that Apple might shift to a traditional way of doing things. That’s because if you recall, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max feature an L-shaped PCB. Thanks to this relatively small change, Apple could incorporate a few changes that might seem insignificant, but they’ll grant a lot of benefit to the customer. For starters, there were reports that the 2019 iPhone 11 family would get a slight bump in the battery department.

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The iPhone 11R is rumored to feature the biggest single-cell battery ever to be shipped inside an iPhone. As for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, a previously published report stated that these devices would receive a battery capacity increase of 20-25 percent, and 10-15 percent, respectively. The change in the logic board design could help to make this possible, while also allowing Apple to introduce reverse wireless charging to its iPhones. This feature will help users to top up Qi-enabled accessories such as wireless earbuds.

As stated before, Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone range during September of this year, and after all three handsets go on sale, we’ll get to know why the technology giant decided to go back to a traditional rectangular PCB design, assuming the leak turns out to be true. Do you think the new iPhone 11 logic board will be somewhat beneficial in helping Apple make sufficient room for outfitting key components? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Slashleaks

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