iPad Remains the Undisputed King of Tablets – Even Samsung and Amazon Haven’t Been Able to Outsell it


Apple’s Q1 2018 financial results spoke volumes for not just iPhone sales, but iPad sales as well. Amazon’s Fire tablet family occupies the affordable category but even that has not been sufficient to outsell the iPad. Here are the details on the latest report that you need to know.

Apple Sold an Astounding 43.8 Million iPad Units in 2017 - Most Companies do not Even Sell as many Phones

According to the latest report from IDC, Samsung and Amazon sold around 24.9 million and 16.7 million tablets, respectively. That combined figure comes to 41.6 million units and if your maths is correct, it has not been able to outsell the iPad. In short, Apple captured a 26.8 percent market share in 2017, and here is another interesting fact for you.

Apple Has Failed in Its Quest to Develop Its in-House 5G Modem, Qualcomm Will Remain Exclusive Supplier for iPhone 15 Series

Out of every four tablets sold, Apple sold an iPad, which just goes to show you the hold the tech giant has in this market. In fact, the company’s iPad business is more than Microsoft’s Surface business, and keep in mind that the software giant’s machines are geared towards heavy computing users that can also use these machines for media consumption.

However, while the company has been able to sell millions of tablets, if you take a look at the growth, things take a different turn there. The overall tablet market has seen a 6.5 percent decline in shipments in 2017 when compared to 2016. Let us see how things turn out for the slate this year.

Apple has been rumored to release an iPad Pro model that will come with slimmer bezels, and Face ID functionality. This potentially means that the iPad Pro is going to get rid of the home button. In addition, these tablets could be oozing with firepower because another rumor states that the iPad Pro is going to be armed with an octa-core processor, making it one capable and portable machine.

Are you impressed with the market share Apple has been able to snare with the iPad? Tell us down in the comments.

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News Source: IDC