iPad Pro Crushes the Competition in New Benchmark, Including Apple’s iPhone XS Max


After the 7nm A12 Bionic chip that has made the recently released iPhone lineup more powerful than other phones on the market, it is time for the A12X Bionic that fuels the iPad Pro family to shine. According to the Geekbench score, the newest Apple slate doesn’t just beat all the smartphones out there but also takes down laptops powered by Intel’s powerful processors. Now, AnTuTu has echoed the results, establishing the A12X Bionic as the most powerful chip ever found in an Apple device.

iPad Pro Obtained More Than Half a Million Points Overall in Latest AnTuTu Benchmark Run

With a total score of 557,679, the A12X-fueled 11-inch iPad Pro is 50+ percent more powerful than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The most considerable difference is between the GPU performance, with the iPad Pro getting a score of 315,108 compared to 153,514 points that Apple’s iPhone XS Max obtained. Even during the company’s keynote, Apple stated that the A12X Bionic is faster than the Xbox One while providing a package that is 94 percent smaller.

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These scores also show that the new iPad Pro can become the new go-to device for gaming enthusiasts and graphic designers. The massive score jump could be attributed to better optimization. Other key components that got tested include the CPU, UX, and Memory. The iPhone XS Max got a CPU score of 131,895, while the iPad Pro scored 159,136. The UX is the only component for which the iPhone XS Max obtained a marginally better score.

The iPad Pro is the first iOS device to go over the 500,000 score mark and if Apple’s words are to go by, the power consumption won’t go up in response to the performance increase. Given that the A12X Bionic has an NPU and more than 10 billion transistors, compared to 6.9 billion in the A12 Bionic, we hope that Apple really meant it. On the other hand, the Huawei smartphones powered by the 7nm Kirin 980 SoC are the current top scorers on AnTuTu as far as Android devices are concerned, but the 300,000+ score obtained still doesn’t compare to iPad Pro’s.

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