iPad Pro Lineup to Feature New A12X Chipset Coupled With a Vortex GPU


If you thought the A12 Bionic running in latest 2018 iPhone series was fast, Apple is preparing something for its upcoming iPad Pro lineup that is expected to eclipse the 7nm FinFET SoC in terms of performance. The tech giant is expected to stick with the usual sequential model naming of the silicon, meaning that the 2018 iPad Pro will be fueled by the A12X chipset, along with a Vortex GPU. We are assuming that Apple will be sticking to the same TSMC architecture in order to provide the same level of efficiency from these latest slates, not to mention that they will come with an improved design.

A12X Is a Faster Version of the A12 Bionic, so It Would Feature a 7nm FinFET Architecture and Possibly Feature Eight Cores

A previous rumor reported by us detailed the number of cores belonging to the A12X, landing at a total of eight. However, how many will belong to the performance and efficiency department, that we have no information on right now. Additionally, the latest information just details that the A12X chipset will be faster than the A12 Bionic, but does not state how fast would it exactly be.

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Also, no performance difference metrics were provided as to how fast the A12X would be when comparing it against the A10X present in the 2017 iPad Pro. What it does state is that there is also going to be Vortex GPU, but performance numbers were once again omitted from here. So far, we have witnessed nearly every single information getting leaked related to the iPad Pro, with only the intricate details expected to be unveiled during Apple’s official announcement.

The latest iPad Pro models will ship with an edge-to-edge screen along with support for Face ID, meaning that we will no longer be seeing the home button on these devices. Apple is expected to stick with IPS LCD screen technology, but it will retain the 120Hz refresh rate on these tablets that will make animations buttery smooth when you get down to using them. A new Apple Pencil followed by the re-positioning of the magnetic connector is also expected.

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News Source: 9to5Mac