iPad Pro Owners Have Started Complaining About the Tablet’s Screen Stuttering Problems


There have been three generations of Apple’s iPad Pro lineup released so far. The latest one gives up the headphone jack and the Lightning port to provide the user with a Type-C USB port as well as Face ID, coupled with fewer bezels than before. The iPad Pro is Apple’s way of telling you that you don’t need to have a notebook with you at all times to get some work done. However, while the tablet might be a prayer in disguise, it seems that a lot of users have been experiencing display issues with the tablet lineup.

Users State That More Often, Their iPad Pro Models Simply Refuse to Register Touch Gestures and Stutter When Scrolling

According to user experiences posted on MacRumors Forums as well as Apple Support communities, some 2017 and 2018 iPad Pro models have started giving their owners a lot of grief. One of the experiences has been highlighted below.

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“Hello all, after the last two updates my ipad pro 12.9’ 2nd gen has issues with not responsive screen often. I need to exit the application or click the home button multiple times or lock the screen and all goes well after. Did a factory reset but nothing helped. Anyone else with the same issue? I hope it is software.”

If you continue reading on these forums, it seems that a lot of people have been suffering from the same issues, which range from the tablet refusing to register touch gestures, stuttering problems, keystrokes being missed, and more. The authors at MacRumors have been unable to replicate the issue, but a lot of owners weren’t so fortunate. One customer describes having the problem as soon as the iPad Pro was removed from the box.

“I bought a new 12.9" iPad pro on the first available day last Wednesday. The o, k, and to a lesser extent i and j keys on the on-screen software keyboard consistently recognized touch with a click and change in colour of the key but the letter would often not appear in any program. For o in particular, it often required several attempts to make the letter register.

Spent time on the phone with apple and they didn't have a solution. A full restore to factory settings didn't help.

I returned it to the store today and picked up a new 12.9" iPad pro. Brought it home and this one is worse. Ofter 5 or more presses of o or k to get it to register. When the iPad is turned clockwise to landscape mode, the q and w are then in the same region of the device and they don't work either. Seven presses of the q before a letter appeared on the screen. It seems the bottom right of the touchscreen has an issue.”

Apple has not yet responded as to what exactly is going on, and there’s no update if the issue is related to software or hardware. Several users who updated their devices to iOS 12.2 are still reporting problems, suggesting that either the problem is related to hardware, or the firmware update simply failed to isolate and eliminate the issue at hand. It is recommended that you head to your nearest Apple Store outlet or an Apple Authorized Repair Shop for service and if you’re lucky, you’ll even receive a free replacement if the product is under warranty.

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News Source: MacRumors