More iPad Mini Batteries And Displays Spotted [Photos]


As Apple’s big event draws near, more and more info and parts related to the iPad Mini keep popping up. By now, we’re sure Apple definitely has some new device in store for us. What you’re about to read on is nothing special apart from one teensy thing. Previous speculations state that the new iPad Mini would have a 7.85 inch display.

Smartphone parts supplier ETrade Supply posted pictures of the iPad Mini’s display and it just about measures up with the speculations we’ve had earlier. The pictures also show us the 4490mAh battery. The company’s much speculated latest iPad family member is set to be unveiled at the media event scheduled for October 23, next Tuesday. And the parts revealed today pretty much tell us what we can expect from the people behind the tablet’s development.

According to ETrade Supply, “The device’s display is about 162mm in length and 124mm in width, with a ratio of 4:3”. The labeling on the back also shows that the display is manufactured by LG Display.

The text on the battery reveals it is a 16.7Whr battery running at 3.72V.

The image below was posted by French website, while they were allegedly quality testing. The similarities between both images provide a solid evidence that the display could actually be for the iPad mini.

iPad mini screen

Details about iPad mini's hardware are still scant. We still have no clue about the processor which Apple is planning to ship in this "economical" version of the iPad and there are no details available regarding RAM. We've also seen some reports which claim that iPad mini's shell would be much similar to Apple all new iPhone 5. Even though the company is facing iPhone 5 supply issues because of the aluminium which they're using but reports do suggest that Apple would use the same material in iPad mini as well.

As always, nothing is confirmed until we see it on the stage. So, we will have to wait a little more, Tuesday isn't far.

via [9to5Mac]