An iPad Docking Accessory Could See a Launch From Apple in 2023

Omar Sohail
An iPad Docking Accessory Could See a Launch From Apple in 2023

Apple will reportedly continue its push for the iPad to be a necessary addition to the home. The technology giant is said to be developing a docking device for its tablet lineup, with the launch bringing an extra degree of functionality for compatible slates.

iPad Docking Accessory Could Transform the Tablet to Use as an ‘All in One’ Home Control Device

During Google’s event, the company showed that its Pixel Tablet could be used on a dock for additional functionality. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is going through the same route and is expected to complete its journey with a dock that can transform the iPad into a smart home accessory.

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“When Google first showcased that product in May, it appeared to be an old-school tablet with run-of-the-mill Android features. But earlier this month, the company disclosed it would also sell a new accessory that lets you dock the Pixel Tablet and use it like a smart display and home-control device.

I’m told Apple is working to bring similar functionality to the iPad as soon as 2023. I reported last year that Apple is exploring a stand-alone device that combines an iPad with a speaker hub. The idea is to offer something that users can place on a kitchen counter, in the living room or on their nightstand. But Apple also has worked on an iPad docking accessory that it could sell separately and would accomplish much of the same thing.”

It is unclear which specific iPad models Apple will launch the dock for, but if the accessory allows for multiple models to be used, it should be an excellent fit for customers who already own one of the company’s tablets. Keep in mind that Apple is also said to be working on a standalone product for the home that merges a display and a smart speaker, so the dock will likely be targeted to customers who can remove the iPad from it whenever they feel like it and use it separately.

We do not know the functionality that will be unlocked after attaching the iPad to the dock, but since Apple is not expected to launch it before next year, we should see more refinements before it is ready for the masses. As always, we will have more updates for our readers, so stay tuned.

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