Does The iPad Air 2 Bend? Device Tested To The Limits In New Video

When scouting for gadgets, buyers consider several aspects of a device beforehand. They relate mostly to performance, display resolution, thickness, aesthetics and camera specifications in the case of tablets and smartphones. Several other might also have personal preferences and decide to choose one manufacturer over the other due to brand loyalty.

Well, courtesy of the iPhone 6 Plus and #bendgate there's a new aspect that now haunts several users' mind when looking for a new device. A popular internet fad now also ends up asking that whether a new will bend or not. And it looks like one Gernan enthusiast has decided to answer that question for the iPad Air 2 before the device has even become publicly available. So does the iPad Air 2 bend? Take a look below and find out for yourself.

Apple's Upcoming iPad Air 2 Put Through Severe Bend Test.

So does the iPad Air 2 bend? The answer to that short question is yes according to the video above. But what will come as a relief to Apple and Apple fans out there is the fact that if you try your hardest to break any gadget that you have - it will bend, and ultimately break, regardless of quality, materials or manufacturer. Unless we're talking about military grade titanium gadgets of course.

The iPad Air 2 sees complete destruction in the video above, with tiny pieces of the device going all over the place. The display ends up retaining some functionality however in the end. The test above is most likely the first of many that will undoubtedly pop up as the iPad Air 2 starts to become publicly available. So if you're thinking about purchasing Apple's much revamped iPad Air 2 in the near future, stay tuned. We'll keep you update. And let us know in the comments section about what you think of the video above.



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