iOS 8.3 Update – In Depth Review And Details

Ali Salman

Recently we covered the in depth release of iOS 8.3 beta 3 to developers and public which helped them understand all the important aspects and features that some of us might be expecting. You will be cooking in iOS 8.3 in the near future since Apple has released the forth beta to its cycle and according to rumors Beta 4 could be the final version before the official release

The iOS 8.3 beta 4 was released to the developers yesterday followed by a general public release, you now have the opportunity to install it before the final release kicks in. We're hearing many changes in the current iOS version but there is no news of the final release date. However all of the major features are disclosing in quickly that we can hope to find in the official public release of the iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.3 Beta 4 Updates With Numerous Features And Bug Fixes

Not so long after the beta 4 was handed to the developers and the general public, users have seen some changes made like the removal of the beta tag from the iCloud Photo Library and the CarPlay settings disappeared along with filtered messages instead for unknown senders. These might have a cause to something which Apple knows alone or may be shipped with the final release.

Some of the major changes introduced have been pointed out by MacRumors which are present in the iOS 8.3 beta 4. One of the updates is the view of emoji to appear in the keyboard specifically on the iPad and iPhone. Emoji update has different colored hair for different skin, according to users. The modifies emoji of different class is shown when you hold the default key for it. Below are some of the major changes made to the iOS 8.3 which are also expected to appear in the final release.

The time stamp on messages does not hide itself randomly as it does on the current version of the iOS. When you do swipe back gestures to go back in the Landscape mode, Safari does not flash. Third party keyboard compatibility have been fixed with Spotlight which previously created issues. Emoji in keyboard show the recently added view to be set as default and so no specialized categories are made according to use. As in the last update, there were minor issues in the Audio problems for Carplay, FaceTime and phone call have been fixed. Third party keyboard entry problems in Safari have been fixed. Other then this there are numerous bug fixes which either slowed down the OS or had scope potential crashes.

The latest beta will also allow users to download free apps and iTunes content which was previously absent in the previous beta. This is all for now folks, do stay with us for more on this and the final release. We'll make sure we cover everything regarding the update.

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