iOS 6 Passbook And Cannot Connect To iTunes Store Error Fix Guide


Only a couple of days ago Apple finally released iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the public. This latest iOS update comes with a neat set of new features. Some users have been facing problems in getting Passbook app to work. iOS 6 features the new Passbook app which is a one stop solution for all your e-ticket and e-voucher needs. Through this guide you can learn how to fix iOS 6 Passbook error as well as the cannot connect to iTunes Store error your iOS 6 device has been throwing at you.

A new iOS update is bound to come with a couple of bugs. If you recall, iOS 5.0 had a bug which would drain battery of an iOS device after usage of just a couple of hours. Apple had to release iOS 5.0.1 in order to fix that particular bug. iOS 6 has its fair share of caveats. For example there's the new Maps app that seems to be mapping an alternative universe instead of one we live in. There has also been a Passbook app related issue. For now we have a temporary fix for iOS 6 Passbok not working issue.

This fix also works with the cannot connect to iTunes Store error that the device throws at you when trying to update apps from the App Store. As mentioned before, the fix detailed here is a temporary one and these issues will only be fixed for sure once Apple releases an incremental update of iOS 6.0.

Step 1: Launch

Step 2: Tap on General, followed by Date and Time, then Set Automatically

Step 3: Toggle Set Automatically to OFF

Step 4: Now edit the date and change year to 2013.

These four simple steps should take care of iOS 6 Passbook not working and cannot connect to iTunes Store error. However if you still see the error after performing these steps, just toggle Set Automatically back ON and change the year once again.

Let us know in your comment below if you face any more problems.