iOS 6 Maps Chief Fired By Apple


A lot of executive level changes have been taking place at Apple. It came to our attention a few moments ago that Apple has fired the chief of iOS 6 Maps. Apple's new home grown mapping service which it introduced with iOS 6 has been subject to much criticism. Richard Williamson was the executive at the helm of iOS 6 Maps and it is obvious that he has been fired due to the poor performance of said mapping service.

Apart from Maps. iOS 6 has been received very well by millions of iOS users around the world. This latest iOS update was released only a couple of months back and from the get go users started complaining about the horrendous Maps application that Apple had bequeathed upon them.

iOS 6 Maps

This iOS 6 Maps debacle has resulted in a lot of top level changes at Apple. Just a few week back the company confirmed that it was firing Scott Forstall who used to be the Senior Vice President of iOS software at Apple. It was reported that other top executives were finding it hard to cope with Forstall and that his alleged denial to sign an apology letter regarding iOS 6 Maps proved to be the final nail in the proverbial coffin of his stint at Apple.

Bloomberg reports that Richard Williamson was fired by Eddy Cue who happens to be a SVP at Apple. Scott Forstall has not been replaced at Apple rather his responsibilities have been divided among other executives such as Johnny Ive and Eddy Cue, who is now the new iOS 6 Maps chief and also leads the team working on Siri.

It is not confirmed as to who will be replacing Williamson at Apple. For all we know his duties may also be divided among other executives. Such top level changes are likely to resonate with the stock market where Apple has been domination so far. It is believed that Eddy Cue wants an entirely new team to work on iOS 6 Maps, hence the departure of Richard. He is also said to be seeking help from other independent experts while TomTom, which shares its landmark and navigation data with Apple, has also been advised to step up its game.

Before iOS 6 the Maps application used to be run on the Google Maps platform. Apple not only removed Google Maps from iOS but it has also stopped including the native YouTube app. A standalone YouTube app for iOS is already available in the App Store whereas a standalone Google Maps app for iOS is expected to be released soon.