iOS 6 Beta 3 Release Expected To Take Place Today

Earlier last month Apple announced iOS 6, the latest update of iOS platform. The company has built upon quite nicely on the success of iOS 5, and has come forth with an update that is far better than it's predecessor.

iOS 6 is still in developer beta stage as of now, but with each passing beta, the public release comes near. It is expected that iOS 6 beta 3 release can take place today. There obviously won't be any official word from Apple until iOS 6 beta 3 finally drops.


iOS 6 comes with a plethora of new features. It brings Siri to the third generation iPad. Apart from that, Siri has been greatly improved in this upcoming software update. Moreover iOS 6 comes with subtle theme changes. The status bar matches the colour theme of any given app. There's deep Facebook integration, a welcome addition without a doubt. Improved privacy options, new Apple maps, do not disturb mode and an overall improved iOS ecosystem is all present. Needless to say, Apple fans can not wait to get their hands on iOS 6.

As mentioned earlier, iOS 6 is currently in developer beta. Meaning only registered developers have access to beta firmware. This is done so that developers can get their apps ready in time for public release, which is expected in October, around the time of next generation iPhone release.

iH8sn0w, well known iOS hacker and developer of Sn0wbreeze as well as iFaith, revealed via Twitter that he believes iOS 6 beta 3 release will occur today. He is yet to mention a reason as to why he believes this will happen today. iH8sn0w usually looks inside beta code and reveals via Twitter when a particular iOS beta is going to expire.

It's a waiting game at the moment. Even if Apple does release iOS 6 beta 3, it's not going to benefit the general public in any way. Registered developers can nevertheless get excited. A new beta always brings some improvements and new features.

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