iOS 16.1 Beta 2 ‘Fixes’ the Battery Indicator

iOS 16.1 beta 2 battery indicator fixed.
iOS 16.1 beta 2 improves the battery indicator by showing a visual representation of how much battery life is remaining.

iOS 16 brought back the battery level percentage indicator but the just released iOS 16.1 beta 2 update fixes it properly.

iOS 16.1 Beta 2 Fixes the Battery Indicator and Now Shows a Visual Representation of How Much Battery is Left Apart from Percentage

With iOS 16, Apple brought back the battery percentage indicator to iPhone. Not every iPhone, but it is a good start. But, the implementation was received with mixed opinions because it was just a percentage written on the corner of the display without any visual representation of how much battery life is left. If you want a visual cue for battery life remaining then you actually have to turn off the battery life percentage indicator. Needless to say, it needs fixing.

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However, with the release of iOS 16.1 beta 2 for developers and testers, Apple heard from the community and the battery indicator now shows the percentage and a visual indication of how much battery is remaining in one, via MacRumors.

That’s not all, iOS 16 also brings back the charge indicator from the iOS 15 Lock Screen. The next time your iPhone is charging up, simply wake up the device and you will see the battery percentage right above the clock.

Needless to say that Apple heard back from the community (a little too much) and tweaked how the battery indicator should look like and delivered the fix with the new beta build.

We are expecting Apple to release the full and final version of iOS 16.1 alongside iPadOS 16.1 some time next week. If we are to take a wild guess, the update should arrive alongside new iPads in October.

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