iOS 15 Will Let You Add a Recovery Account for iCloud and Digital Legacy Contact


iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 bring forth a boatload of new features and under the hood improvements. While FaceTime and redesigned Notifications have been the major highlight of the event, Apple also unveiled several new privacy and security features for iCloud. As mentioned earlier, Apple's iCloud now lets you add a new recovery account and set a Digital Legacy contact for requesting iCloud data.

Apple Introduces Recovery Account for iCloud and Digital Legacy Contact

For the first time and upon heavy requests, Apple has finally allowed users to place widgets anywhere on the Home screen of their iPhone. Moreover, the company has also introduced its new iCloud+ service that comes bundled with a VPN, private email, and unlimited storage for a HomeKit-enabled camera. However, other major additions to iCloud include the ability to restore an account through recovery.

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Apple will now let you add a recovery account which can be one of your friends or family member. Apple will send them a code upon request which you can use to recover your account. It is a pretty handy feature and protects you against hackers who have gained access to your account.

Other than this, Apple has also introduced a new feature called Digital Legacy in which someone can appoint their friend or family member who can request iCloud data when they passed away. Other than this, Apple also introduced a new iCloud+ service that bundles a two relay VPN for enhanced privacy.

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