iOS 12 Won’t be a Feature-Packed Release as Apple Shifts its Focus Towards Performance and Quality

Uzair Ghani
iOS 12

A new report suggests that iOS 12 won't bring forth major new features as Apple is shifting its focus more towards refining performance and quality of its mobile software.

With Dwindling Software Quality, Apple is Changing Things a Little to Boost Quality and Performance of iOS

It's no secret that iOS 11 turned out to be a disaster release for some users, especially those who own older devices like the iPhone 6. Though Apple managed to address a lot of problems with subsequent software releases, it's now being reported that Apple is now taking such issues extremely seriously. So seriously in fact that a report has come forward claiming that Apple will skip out on major software related features this year and instead focus on quality and performance of its OS.

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According to Axios.

Apple has shaken up its iOS software plans for 2018, delaying some features to next year in an effort to put more focus on addressing performance and quality issues, Axios has learned.

When it comes to security, iOS is not the only piece of software from Apple that has seen itself under the microscope of late. Even macOS turned out to be a blunder in certain corners with Apple even issuing a statement that it will now closely monitor its software development process, ensuring everything is as watertight as it was before.

At the point in time, it's not known what type of features Apple will skip out this year. But if history is anything to go by, then it's safe to say that we will see something similar to how iOS 9 was compared to iOS 8. Still, even that release wasn't quite top-notch in terms of stability, with improvements only coming through over time in the form of iOS 9.1 etc.

If there are more details regarding this news, we will update our readers about it. In the meantime, feel free to speculate what you like to see in iOS 12.

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