iOS 11 Messages App Will Have Deep Siri Integration, Will Learn User Behavior, More


iOS 11 is due for an unveiling in little over a couple of months, and a new report sheds some light on one of its rumored features.

Siri Will Have Tight Integration in iOS 11 Messages App - Will Learn from a User's Behavior, Offer Proactive Suggestions

A report out of Israel (TheVerifier) suggests that Apple's upcoming mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads will feature Siri integration in the Messages app. With this integration, Siri will be able to offer proactive suggestion and even autocomplete certain elements. Also, it is believed that Apple will throw in contextual suggestions into the mix, allowing Siri to be far more useful than currently is. Using contextual suggestions, Siri can follow up on a conversation and offer options based on what's happening. For instance, if you are planning a dinner, then Siri will throw in suggestions of restaurants nearby.

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The report also suggests that Siri will also feature iCloud integration, allowing the virtual assistant to 'identify connections' between devices. This will allow Siri to offer relevant action on each device as well. Also, it is believed Apple is set to expand the commands Siri understands on tvOS and watchOS which is great news for Apple Watch and Apple TV users, if they make do with Apple's assistant a lot.

iOS 11 is all set for its big debut in the opening keynote of WWDC 2017. But right after the keynote, only the first developer preview will become available to download, mainly aimed at developers only. This means the software is going to be very, very unstable to be used as a daily driver. But with time, Apple will iron out the bugs, making things as stable as possible, eventually ending up in a final release at the end of the year.

Every new version of iOS is usually accompanied by a new hardware release. In this case, it's likely iPhone 8 will be the flagship from Cupertino to be released alongside new software. Also, there's a high chance Apple will in a couple of iPhone 8 exclusive features into the mix as well. Who knows it's Siri integration into the iOS 11 Messages app!

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