iOS 11.3 Allows Parents to Approve Family Purchases Using Face ID on iPhone X


You no longer have to enter your Apple ID password in order to approve family purchases on iPhone X as iOS 11.3 allows you to do so using Face ID.

Apple Now Allows you to Approve Family Purchases on iPhone X Using Face ID

iPhone X users were baffled when they learned that they were not able to approve family purchases of apps, games, movies, books etc. using Face ID. Instead, they were forced to enter their entire Apple ID password manually.

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Funny enough, if you have a device with Touch ID, then you authenticate anything simply by resting your finger on the Home button. Thankfully though, with iOS 11.3, things are going to change for the better, allowing the iPhone X-owning head of the family member to approve purchases using the power of Face ID.

Once set up and ready to use, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID password for the first time in order to get up to speed. Once that is done, you will be asked whether or not you wish to use Face ID in order to authenticate family purchases. The answer will be an obvious 'yes' from your end, until or unless you have other reasons to stick to the good old method of entering your password.

Sadly, this feature is available for iOS 11.3 users only which is currently in beta for developers and public testers. If you like, you can actually download iOS 11.3 for free. It's a simply case of heading over to, signing in with your Apple ID, enrolling your device into the program and the iOS 11.3 Beta will be pushed to you over the air. It's that simple.

But before you do any of the things written above, please make sure that you backup everything in a safe and secure location. Though the update happens over the air and your files and settings will remain in tact, but there's nothing better than taking precautionary measures before stepping into beta territory.