iOS 10.2 Has an ‘Ethernet’ Entry in the Settings App for iPhone & iPad


Apart from the usual WiFi and Cellular options, you'll be surprised to learn Apple baked in a new Ethernet entry in the Settings app.

If Your Are Going to Hardwire Your iPhone or iPad to Ethernet, You Can Tinker with its Settings too

Apple tends to bake new features into iOS depending on the use-case at hand. Now it has come to light if you connect an Ethernet adapter to your iPhone or iPad using a Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter, then you will see a brand new entry pop up in the Settings app labelled 'Ethernet.' Using this new option, you can tinker around and see more information regarding the network you are hardwired too. This includes the IP address, subnet mask, router address, DNS, search domains, client ID, and of course, the usual settings pertaining to manual DHCP, static IP and more.

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Interestingly, the option is not visible at all if you aren't connected to a network using a cable. Also, it should be noted here that Apple does not sell any sort of Lightning-to-Ethernet adapter to get things up and running immediately. Instead, you have to mix and match a few things if you want to jump into business. Still, with the new option in place, we have high hopes Apple will eventually release a dedicated adapter, allowing hardwired connectivity for iOS users.

Last but not the least, users should be aware of the fact that iOS has long accommodated Ethernet connections but there was no UI to manage things at all. Thankfully, with this addition in iOS 10.2, things are looking great for those especially in Enterprise. And of course, those who don't tend to rely on WiFi at all for whatever reason.

It remains to be seen if Apple will eventually come through with a dedicated adapter for iPhone and iPad users in order to access a network without having to use WiFi. But given how the company is setting up the entire stage, we have high hopes for a dedicated piece of hardware.

What do you think about this little addition to iOS? Will you utilize it given you have the right adapters and dongles for it?


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