Ahead of iOS 10 Release, Apple Launches Messages App Store


Apple has launched the Messages App Store ahead of the full and final release of iOS 10.

Messages App Store Launches Ahead of iOS 10 Release

iOS 10 is just a few hours away from release given everything goes according to plan. But if you're already running the iOS 10 GM build, then you can launch the Messages app and hop straight into the Messages App Store and see for yourself what's on offer.

That's right, ahead of the full and final release of iOS 10 Apple has flicked the switch and launched the App Store tailored for its messaging hub only. There are a lot of cool things on offer and we are pretty certain everyone is going to dig it once they get their hands on iOS 10.

There are, of course, numerous sticker packs, weather applications, games, as well as many others. Quite frankly, there's something there for everyone. We are dead certain many users out there are going to love what developers have crafted for iOS 10. I mean, come on, who doesn't love a good game of pool right in the Messages app? We had a hunch you'd agree with us on that.

With the passage of time, especially once iOS 10 goes live for everyone, we are sure the list of apps available will expand exponentially. Also, keep in mind that Messages App Store isn't crippled in any way either. There are top notch apps thrown into the mix as well. For instance, The Weather Channel, an official Mario Run Sticker Pack are part of the mix with the list set to grow as more developers hop onboard.

If you're looking to try out the Messages App Store right away then simply launch the Messages app first and go into any conversation thread. Once there, tap on the 'App Store' icon next to the text input field. Now, at the bottom, you'll see four little dots - tap on those as well. Now simply tap on the '+' icon and you'll be taken straight to the Messages App Store, all ready to download to your heart's content.

Do keep in mind that certain apps and games aren't free and command a price tag, just like the regular App Store. Just putting it out there so that users don't commit a mistake downloading something which they otherwise thought was absolutely free.

You've been warned!

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