Intel’s 3rd Generation “Sandy Bridge-E” Details Reveal Clock Speeds and Model Numbers


Details of the first three Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors have been revealed. The Sandy Bridge-E (LGA 2011) platform will replace the older LGA1366 Core i7 Processors. According to our previous roadmap details (here), Sandy Bridge-E will fall under "Extreme" and "Premium Performance" branding.

The "Extreme" variants will be 6-8 Core models with 480 €+ Price range while the Premium CPU's will come with 4-6 Cores and fall somewhere near the 250 € price. Intel also plans to release 8-12 Core variants of Sandy Bridge-E Processors but those will be kept limited to Server usage until desktop release is required.

The Details reveal Core i7 3000 series badge for the new Sandy Bridge-E Processors which makes them the 3rd generation Core of the Sandy bridge Family. The Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition is a Six Core model with 12 threads and Hyper Threading Enabled with 15MB L3 Cache, It'll be stock clocked at 3.30Ghz which can turbo upto 3.90Ghz.

Next up is the Core i7 3930K (Unlocked Multiplier) which is also a 6 Core variant with 12 threads with a clock speed 100mhz lesser than the i7 3960X of 3.20Ghz and turbo of 3.80Ghz. L3 Cache is also cut down to 12MB. Last up is the Core i7 3820 which is a premium usage oriented model 4 Cores and 8 threads, Stock speed of 3.60 which can turbo to 3.80Ghz and 10MB L3 Cache, Overclocking is limited because of locked multiplier.

All CPU's will feature quad-channel DDR3 integrated memory controllers (IMCs), PCI-e 3.0 Compatibility and multiple x16 PCI-e lanes. More details on Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPU's below:

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